Why Was The Muslim League Founded?


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The Muslim League met at Dhaka in December 1906 on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Mohammedan Educational Conference. In the meeting that took place at Shah Bag (Dhaka) under the presidency of Nawab Vaqarul Mulk, Sir Salimullah, the Nawab of Dhaka, moved a resolution for establishing a Muslim organization to be called the 'All India Muslim League.' Mohammad Ali Johar, Hakim Ajmal Khan and Maulana Zafar Ali Khan supported the resolution.

The objectives were:
--- To support among the Muslims of India approach of devotion to the British government and to eliminate any misapprehensions that may occur as to the aim of government with regard to any of its measures.

--- To defend and progress the political rights and work for the welfare of Muslims of India and reverentially to stand for their desires and aspirations to Government.

The first objective of the Muslim League, viz 'to promote among the Muslims India Feelings of loyalty to the British Government' was criticized by the Hindus on the basis that the Muslim League was created 'Not to safeguard Muslim interests but to strengthen the British rule in India'. The critics, however, forgot that the Congress professed the same political aim. It should be appreciated that no better objective could be chosen in those circumstances.

The origin of the Muslim League can be easily explained. Two factors what went into its establishment:

--- Hindu attitude towards Muslim interests; the Bengal agitation has exposed Hindu feelings beyond any doubt.

--- To cope with the Minto-Morley Reforms.
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A part truth only. A section of Muslims of the age had by now started growing apprehensions about Hindu minds that fought and gained "Hindi" as the state language in U.P. From British, totally overlooking "Urdu". This meager event was beginning of great political unfoldings in British India that ultimately culminated in partition and mass slaughter of 1947.

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