What Was The Height Of Adam In The Bible?


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According to Hadith (oral Islamic tradition) Adam stood about 30 metres tall (close to 100 foot tall).  60 cubits tall.  Massive debate on an Islamic website about the matter.

Some Christian websites also adhere to the tradition that Adam (and Eve) were both very tall -- supreme in stature -- compared to modern humans. Some say that Adam stood the same height as God -- Eve slightly smaller, of course.  Being made of just a single rib, and all that.

Jewish tradition (see source) says that Adam stood from the ground to the sky -- if he lay down he stretched from one end of the world to the other end -- fine if you think the world if flat, I guess.

The last source does specifically quote Deuteronomy 4:32 as saying that Adam only became small -- like we humans are now -- after the Fall from the Grace. So I would start there, if you're looking for exact Bible quotes.  But I don't think you'll find anything very specific in the Old Testament itself.
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The answer is, adam was 100 feet tall which is equivalent to 30 metres.
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Adam was 100 feet tall, n I m sure
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As the previous answer states, there are all kinds of traditions out there.

The Bible itself, however, is silent on this matter.
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No one has a perfect ans about adam's heights. And how can we trust on a writer. As writer has his own imaginations. So you can believe that adam was there. But plz don't ask for heights. As no one know that.

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