What Is Good Life According To Christian Perspective?


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An important point to remember is that the Christian teaching is that salvation is not gained by doing good works. Salvation is received by grace (a free gift of God) through faith or trust in Jesus and his atoning death on a cross. So "a good life" does not save you, according to the teaching of the Bible.

However, once you are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, then you want to do what God requires. This comes from the new relationship you have with God, like that of an ideal Father-Child relationship. So we love God and have a real desire to please him.

In the Bible there are many commandments or requirements which show us how we should live. It can be summed up by two principles:

1. Love God with all you heart and life.
2. Love other people as you love yourself.

So, a good life involves a relationship with God. It involves reading the Bible to know the way he wants us to live. It involves putting God before anything else in our life.

A good life also involves our relationships with other people. We are to work for others. We are to look for justice for all the people of the world. We are to have compassion and mercy on those who need. We are to seek to be at peace with everyone.

A good life for a christian is better thought of as a relationship than obeying laws.

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