How Do Christians Use The Bible ?


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The bible is the only rule and guide of faith and life if men would truly read and study the word of God not for argument or to prove or disprove a point the mind would be enobled and edified with the way we ought to live, the bible is the perfected word of God and give the life and examples of disobedience and how the family and society declines when the principles contained in the word is not obeyed and lived.
I man will truly take the bible as it is one will not use it for governmental advantages but will use it for the pure production of noble character and behaviour.

If one will use the words in the bible effectively as taught by the Holy Spirit of God then there will be no rape, murder, incest, slavery, and the spread of all manner of famine and dease because the principle will be obeyed.

Any person truly reading the bible with understanding will no doubt agree that the words of life contained in the Holy book speaks about life, equality, love, peace, self-lessness, morality, respect, and liberality of means.
Because of many warp sense of idea they use it hypocritically to their own personal gain, because many do this does not negate the fact that the said bible speak against these things and is pure, holy, and will remain to be true.

Wheter you believe the bible or not it remains the uncompromising word of God, whether it is used hpocritically by some men lusting for power, fame, and wealth does not dispel the fact that the bible is rule of life.

Please do not by your ignorance judge the word of God based upon the charater traits of those who use it for gain, and wickness.

Free think you speak of science and this has it place for the advances in fields which will benefit man but there is good in science and there is also the bad and those who use science for the bad does not negate that science is good.

People using the bible for bad does not negate the fact that the bible is for the good of man and is good.
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Christians use the stories of the Bible to understand the repercussions of being disobedient to God. We use the words of Jesus to inspire us and teach us the ways of the Lord. The Bible is a priceless guide of how to run your life and find happiness and salvation.
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They use it to justify their intolerance, false beliefs, and as a crutch in a time of need. Using the bible as "a priceless guide of how to run your life" is disgusting. If this were true, christians would be in the streets killing non-believers, adulterers, backtalking children, people of other beliefs, homosexuals, divorcees, etc.. Rape victims would be forced to marry the rapist. The rampant anti-semitism in 3 of the 4 gospels would result in mass killings, beatings, and all together intolerance of the jewish people. (Put aside entirely that only 3 books in the ENTIRE bible actually contain more good than bad in them)

This is what WOULD be happening, if religious moderates had not developed, and decided to pick and choose what they believe from this "sacred" book. The fundamentalists you see picketing funerals, protesting EVERYTHING are actually following the bible in a literal sense(as is commanded in the bible), and they are seen as extreme and misrepresenting christianity, which they are actually representing quite well.

What we do have(resulting from the picking and choosing done of the bible), is religious moderates using the bible as a guidelines for their government choices, voting practices, and daily life. Thinking that the bible is a moral guideline for their life, they vote accordingly. Here lies the creation of second class citizens in not allowing homosexual couples the same government and civil rights as heterosexuals, the SEVERE delay of stem cell research, religious missionaries preaching abstinence(and demonizing condom use) to AIDS riddled Africa (this being the only information they are provided with, allowing the AIDS epidemic to progress). The list could go on and on..

The only way for humanity to truly progress is to put these supernatural beliefs behind us. It will happen someday. Recent polls have shown non-believers in the United States have the highest percentage increase in recent years. Advances in science will one day disprove the pathetic, arrogant fantasy the religious live.


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