What Is The Islamic Perspective On Easter?


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G'day Sarah,

Thank you for your question.

Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet but was not the son of god. Easter is banned in Saudi Arabia but celebrated openly in the Gulf States and the far east.

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DEAR SARA.in islam only two celebration eid ul fitar and eid ul adha.no doubt we belive on propher jesus but we are not allowed to celebrate easter.god bless you.thanks for asking question.
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Muslims believe that Jesus was not killed or crucified (the man who was crucified and killed is similar to Christ's peace be upon him). But raised to the sky

This is mentioned in their book, the Quran .. So they do not believe in the Easter .. I do not believe in them on Easter ... Because in their book, the Quran miracles scientific fact many said 1400 years ago. The science today agree with her .... For example - we all know that the mountains around us are only a small part of the we see on the surface of the Earth .. At the bottom surface of the Earth, there are of mountains until you reach the great depths .. This is scientifically proven the mountains ... In their book, the Quran (it was stated this fact) the Almighty (and the mountains as pegs) al-Naba 7 ... The site says more about the scientific miracles of the Holy Qur'an www.55a.net
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The same is said of icebergs, one third above the water, two thirds below. Two people were standing on the deck of a ship looking at the vast expanse of ocean. One said to the other "That certainly is a lot of water isn't it?" The other person responded "Yes, and that is only the top." What we see is only a portion of what truly exists. As with people, it is hard trying to judge their true depth as we see only a portion of their complete being. Judgment can only be done by Allah.
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Islam instructs that they love Jesus. Prophet Muhammad, who worked so hard to bring the word of God to his people, told them to love all the prophets! As far as Easter specifically that is something that is strictly Christian and would be included in the life of Jesus as a Prophet. What the Muslim people think of Jesus being crucified and the part the Jews played is another story. I'm sure the Jews would be blamed and with good reason.
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The Jews say it wasn't them but the Romans who murdered Christ. Pontius Pilate was forced by the jews to carry out the Crucifixtion. Pilate said He wanted no part in the killing but had to pacify the Jews to keep the peace and Rome off his back..
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Fasting for the weeks
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     They're reminded that Jesus died on a cross to pay the punishment of ur sins and of his subsequent Resurrection,and we said that this profound proof of love by Jesus have changed the lives countless millions of people...
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Well,since they don't believe Jesus was and is God made flesh to walk the earth and die for their sins and then rose on the third day .i would say they consider this a sort of secular celebration if you will in their view.or as people of america celebrate christmas with a santa claus instead of the chosen days of the birth of Jesus.in other words they may even celebrate (easter)it in some sects as a day of a lowly prophet instead of God/Jesus' resurrection/return of the king of kings to his throne after his transfiguration.i guess you would have to ask each muslim/islamic person to see what they believe when their government or others are judging them/watching them.i guess if they all thought the same about easter some of them would not be accepting Jesus as their lord and saviour of their own freewill.

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