Are There Aliens? Is There Life On Mars? How Do Aliens Look Like ?


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No, normally people think that there are aliens on the earth but it has never been proved with scientific logics. Normally people exaggerated the things they see and call them aliens. So there are no aliens in our universe. This thought was only establish in the minds of people due to the science fiction movies. So make it sure that there are no aliens in this universe.

For life, we need oxygen and food but the atmosphere on the Mars can not provide these elements. And these elements are necessary for life. Without these things life is not possible. So we can say it with surety that there is no life on the Mars. Those people who claim this, they don't have logical room for their sayings.

When we've learned that there are no aliens then it is impossible to tell and guess how do they look like? In fact, you can not tell about a thing which never exists. So aliens don't exist and they don't have any shape. Nobody can tell about their appearance.
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I think aliens could exist, as i don't think that humans are the only beings in this universal world. There are many different universes, and each could have a planet which does have being inhabiting it... I just think that humans have no idea about what is out there because they dont spend the time and money to upgrade their pathetic technology to see further and further into space. If they did, i think that they would discover something greater than this civilization, but if they do, they might do something regrettable.....
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I agree. I think that there are no " Aliens" on mars or any planet because i think it is made up. No one knows what they look like trust me.i am doing a school project on it. So I belive what I think. If you take me wrong then i don't care.
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Hey Kylejames water and fossils of creatures have been found on mars.Marsian may be like the dinosaurs;they died out(with no apparent reason) and left fossils behind
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Yes there are aliens on mars
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There is evidence that Mars may once have had  life on it, but there is no proof that there is life there now. As far I know the math suggests that life in the universe is very likely. Are there aliens on Earth? Well I live in California and know that there are thousands of aliens coming North each year.
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Most likely,there are at least a million galaxies expanding from each other also most people wast money of tobacco,alcohol, other unneeded items.There is proven water and fossilized creatures on mars but the creatures are found in the rocks. Maybe like humans but a bit different or more advanced.
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I'm not so sure about there not being life on Mars. There have been a couple of developments recently that are very interesting and might help support some level of life.

New Scientist
Shows pictures that were reanalysed to show what look like puddles of water on the Mars surface.

Shows very deep holes in Mars suggesting there could be many more things going on than we currently know.
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If you think about it there could very well be life in the universe. Other life forms could maby use other things other then oxegyn of water to survive. Maby oxogyen is something toxic to them, insted of them bretheing it they might exhatle it of so on and so forth....

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I don't think aliens exist on any planet and don't think there is life on Mars and finally I don't know exactly how they look like.
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All these people who say there are no aliens thats a load of crap let me just say that now think about it its just so rude 2 think were the only I mean only life form in the massive univers most people don't be live it because they have never seen it you don't have 2 see it 2 be live it just open your think not one soul out Thier but this plaent
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Yes there are aliens on mars. Of course there is life on mars there is aliens. Aliens are Green and look like humans

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