Why Do People Like Vampires ?


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Mary answered
People like vampires for many reasons. Some have their own reasons. People find vampires mysterious beings. They are mostly very attractive beings, else how do they seduce their victims into false security and drink their blood? People have always loved vampires for the fact that they are most impossible to find. They blend in well, just one of the beautiful people.
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David Mathley answered
People like to live in a fantasy world so Vampires even though they are not real people like to fantasize about them because it is mysterious.
E.J Harris Profile
E.J Harris answered
Haha and you put it under ghosts...well loads of people love twilight I guess so maybs thats why
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
May be they themselves are same,
OR It can be:
Some kind of Fetish!
Hormonal Disorder!
Can be anything!
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Mariah answered
Vampire or the real way to spell it.Vampyres ten to look mysterias and goodlooking or bautiful and thats how the draw and suduce there victiams in.they also trick humens..
Hope this helps!

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