What Do Vampires Look Like?


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Priscilla Giles answered
Vampires do look like normal human beings but in truth it's the location you find them in.....e.g the amazons have dark brown to light brown skin, the usa vampires are light some are pale and some are light with a little tan all over the body. And as for the vampires on this site...if the counsel were to hear of this you all would be in a whole lot of trouble...but I won't tell...I would be grounded to my room for a century or more for letting this go on =(
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Emelie White answered
It really depends on who you ask. Some say that they are the most beautiful people in the world, that walk like they're floating, have gorgeous, pale skin, and can draw you to them with their looks alone. Others say that they look human but when they hunt or feed they turn almost to bats, like in the movie Van Helsing. Although, if you have seen Underworld, they look normal but when they feed their fangs grow so they can puncture your skin to drink from you and their eyes turn and intense light blue. Others say they almost look like zombies with fangs.
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I think they look like a normal human but lighter skin an so beautiful thing in the world well would love to come face to face with one thats my dream ...
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Yukii Riyuzaki answered
They all look humans {I can't say WE cause I'm not sure about myself}, remember, NOT all of them are pale, beautiful, have fangs {not really called as fangs}, but they can have sharp teeth, or long teeth, but vampires mostly have normal teeth, vampires that changes to bats are soooo untrue, theyre fictions ok?
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shalexis answered
We are very attractive that's why most of you become our lunch =)
but I myself am a Amazon vampire I have tan skin to to where I came from thought I am a light brown and was born a vampire.
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bevan Evilsizer answered
We look like normal people, I've evan seen ugly vampires, we are not immortal, we are regular people, we just have lower energy, we get more energy from blood and other peoples auras
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Alayna Best answered
They can look a bit like Twilight, but not all that different than average people. There just seems to be a sort of feeling that draws people in...
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Lizzy answered
I am a psi vampyre.The way that I look is just a coincidence.I'm very pale, 5"11, thin. My hair is bronze with bits of gold and red, and my eyes are ice blue.Not all of us look like this, so don't get any ideas. -_-
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Rob Adams answered
They consume blood, they have no where to put it, a vampire would be bloated and have a red tinge to the skin. They arnt the glowing fairies of twilight or the hidden vamp faces of buffy.
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Raven Crawford answered
We look human, only seem more entrancing to those who are actually human. It's how we draw you in.
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Aaron Brown answered
Batxchild is right as is bobsaggot... But the tv portrays us wrong thats all stuff of legend! Just common misconception of a true vampire
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They Are kind of White And Have Fangs And Their Hair Is Kind of Slid Back With Gell LolZ!
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alex hendrson answered
Well they have pail skin long sharp vangs and scruchy faces but on buffy the vampire slayer spike is sexy! Only an idiot wouldnt know what a vampire looks like dimwit
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toxic rose answered
I am a  vampire my self. I am 34 years old. I live in ohio. I can't stad too be out in the day light, but night doesnt bother me. I am more awake and more doing things at night. Durring the day I want to sleep,sleep,untile I see darke then I am up. I have a darke curtain over my window so I wont see day light coming in while I am wake. And if I havet to go some were.its a drag. My eyes hurt.and when I get back. I have a headache. People love my eyes. They are blue and sometimes shade too real hair color is black. And I am 5'6' tall. I have pale skin, then any one else I know. I hardley eat. I drink a lot some , pop are water. If I am out side, I realy,realy hate it.. I can't sleep at   nights. I toss and turn when I do.  If I sleep in, people need too wake me up.its funny when it snows in ohio. And when I am out side in the snow, durring the day, I notice the snow,sparkles when I am near are around. And when people hang out with me. They think its so neat when the snow sparkles. And when I leave from that area and I do in. I look out the window. The snow isn't sparkling any more.if I look different in a way and I don't know it, my male dog witch stays out side, he barks at me like he doesnt know who I am. And I havet too realy look at him. And he is like ok. I don't  crave on blood, I hate blood, I hate the smell of it, I hate the looks of it.I can't watch er stuff because of the blood. I have low energy sometimes,were I can't  even move sometimes, and I am so tired for no reason. If I do sleep at night. I take naps.then when   its finaley morning, I want to sleep for good. I do tan,but is light tan. My hair grows realy quick even if I get it cut. My finger nailes grow fast even when I cut them. They look like I put clear nail-polish on, but I don't. There clear and shiney them selves.some  people are afraid of me, and some I let in too my life, they adore me. I wont go in peoples places like houses and apartments unless I am invited in. If I don't I stay in the car far away from there home. I think animals see it. Some are freindley around me. Some are not because they know. People look in too my  eyes, but I don't know what they see. I don't like looking straight in to peoples eyes, I don't know why, but I don't.I think I glow. Because when I go out, not even on a sunny day, my skin glows and the sun,haves amazing glow effect too it when I am out. I am like that is so weird. I took a few pictures of it. I am not a mean,person. I don't wish too kill. I am laid back, and very quiet,person. I do like to go out and hang out with freinds. And when I hang out with one of my freinds once iam in tooo there place. I am very very tired sometimes. Are I want too get the heck out of there as soon as I walk in. I think people know who I am, they are afraid too give me time of the day. I don't start fights are arguments with people. I don't have any vampire stuff around my home. I have colors in my home, purple,green,black and brown colors. I don't wear black clothing, I uset too when I was like in my teens, now I don't. So I know I am. I am not in too any vampire,movies at all. I hate twilight, I hate the one tom cruise is in. I hate the lost boys, even tho, I watched all of them when I was younger. Some people notice the signs of my vampire stuff. I don't show it, I don't talk about it too others. I don't lable it. I don't flaunt it out. And I don't drink coffee just too stay up at night.s. Now I will durring the day sometimes, if I need too stay awake. I get cold, very easy even in the summet time. People think I am weird when I get cold. Yup thats my vampire things that I go through every single day in my life. And oh I don't dress preppy and  I don't wear dresses are skirts. I am just plain normal jane ..... :0 if I am not one. I wouldnt minde  some one telling me I am not. That would be great.   :)

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