What Does Bejan Daruwala Have To Say About Taurus And Cancer Compatibility?


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Bejan Daruwala is a famous Indian astrologer and, according to his website, he believes that the star signs Taurus and Cancer are extremely compatible. Plenty of other leading astrological figures agree with him, as do I!

I have seen plenty of Taurus-Cancer couples work, and I can safely say that this is one of the strongest matches in the whole of the zodiac.

Here is Bejan Daruwala's take on a Taurus-Cancer match:
  • Daruwala believes that the Cancer and Taurean's compatibility is enhanced by their natural composure and stability.
  • They are sensitive signs, so should enjoy a romantic relationship.
  • These signs are compassionate, caring and sensitive.
  • They are both imaginative and creative signs.
  • The Taurus and Cancer both desire security and stability above all else in their partnership. They are also well placed to provide these needs for one another.
  • These signs cherish honestly and loyalty, and these aspects will become a firm foundation for their relationship.
To conclude, Bejan Daruwala believes these two are a very fine match - and I agree with him!

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