Are Virgo Women And Cancer Men Compatible?


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Yes, the match between Virgo and Cancer is always very strong! These two will have no trouble getting the relationship off the ground, although they could encounter problems in the long-run.

Virgo and Cancer are generally considered to be compatible, although they are far from being each other's best match.

Virgo is an earth sign, whereas Cancer's element is water - and, usually, the mixture of these elements makes for very caring relationships.

How compatible is a Virgo woman with a Cancer man?
  • The matching of a Virgo woman with a Cancer man leads to a very nurturing relationship, in which respect and love are always present.
  • The sensitive Cancer man finds in the Virgo woman someone who understands him and is sympathetic towards his thoughts and feelings, which in turn allows him to be more expressive.
  • Cancer men like their freedom, which means they understand when another sign also prefers to have some time alone. The Virgo woman appreciates the fact that her Cancer man does not try to control her or the relationship.
  • Both these signs are tolerant and empathetic, and these traits make it possible for the two to form a very deep emotional bond. It will therefore be a fairly relaxed relationship.
  • Problems could arise further down the line, however. Cancers will trust their emotions before logic, but Virgos will always attempt to rationalize a situation.
  • The mood swings of the Cancer man will really get under the skin of the Virgo woman. His sensitive nature will be bruised when the somewhat tactless Virgo criticizes him.
These two will forge a great understanding, but problems could arise when they really get to know each other.
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Well my husband is a Cancer and I am a Virgo. He is the cream in my coffee. I am lucky to have him and he always says I am the best and does little sweet things for me. We get along great and complement each other well.

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