Are A Pisces Woman And A Taurus Man Compatible?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, they are compatible, but a lot of compromise may be needed to form a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

These two will be able to compliment each other's personalities and share a great understanding. However, difficulties may arise when it comes to expressing themselves or how they interpret life.

The Taurus man with Pisces woman...
  • Both partners are dependable and reliable, especially when it comes to love - which will ensure that their relationship is rather peaceful.
  • The Taurus man is usually a quiet individual who is as honest as he is modest. He is a realist who will give his all to causes that he believes in passionately.
  • The Taurus man does not like to be told what to do - instead he prefers to work at his own speed and to his own targets.
  • When it comes to relationships, he can be very possessive and jealous - something which the Pisces woman does not appreciate - although she does love his caring nature and the passion which he brings to their relationship in the bedroom!
  • On the other hand, the Pisces woman is more naive, optimistic, and talkative than her Taurus man.
  • She loves romantic jestures and being cared for, which is what the Taurus man is best at.
  • In this instance, both parties in the relationship are happy, and indeed relish playing the parts of their traditional gender roles.
  • The problems arise when they realise they want different things from life. The practicality of the Taurus does not mix well with the sometimes-aloof aspect of the Pisces.
Although they may have to compromise on their differences, there is definitely potential for these two. Only time will tell if they can last for years to come.
Lindsay Arries Profile
Lindsay Arries answered
Pisces and Taurus are generally compatible - when earth and water come together they form mud. A fertile mix. They understand each other very well because they have lots in common.

My Pisces guy friend can be a little distant at times but that's just because Pisces people love to daydream, which is their way of escaping from the world and its troubles.

But generally, Taurus man and Pisces woman are great together because Pisces is the weakest sign in the zodiac and Taurus has a strong will about them.
I am Life..... Profile
I am Life..... answered
I don't know why people are so concerned about the signs. See, in love all that matters is how much you love the person, no matter what is the sign - it never matters. Your hearts should meet and that's the soul thing that's important.
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Meta Forrest answered
Well, they say opposites attract, but can they sustain a long term relationship? While Taurus men are outgoing, sporty and competitive. Pisces women are cool in awkward situations, can be a bit aloof, make great mothers and can be very shy. However, it's the love between you that really matters so if I were you I'd give it a go.

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