What Is A Dream?


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A dream is a series of thoughts, images, or emotions that occur during sleep, particularly during the time of sleep known as REM sleep (Rapid eye movement).

Dreams can range from ordinary and realistic to the fantastic and surreal. Human beings have always attached great importance to dream, which have been variously viewed as windows to the sacred, the past and the future, to the world of the dead. Dreams have provided many creative solutions to intellectual and emotional problems and have furnished artistic inspiration.

The most famous theory of the significance of dreams is the psychoanalytic model of Sigmund Freud, in which desires ordinarily repressed because they represent forbidden impulses are given expression in dreams, often in disguised or symbolic form.

In general, dreams are thoughts that a human has in their mind while they are asleep. Many people have argued over time about what exactly what a dream is, but it has never really been clearly defined beyond thoughts while one sleeps.
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Dreams can be defined as a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep. In either ways we can say that dream is communication among body, mind and the spirit in a figurative or symbolic way. As we all know that our brains are always performing some activity. Special states of consciousness or perception like wakefulness, snoozing and dozy, asleep, on the alert, agitated, fed up, focused and daydreaming, cause wave activities in brain. Our wide awake mind absorbs a very minute fraction of our brain activities. According to certain researches it is only 10%. Other domains of mind control things like breathing, watching, listening, balance of our body etc also has its own small percentage. One more area wheels imagination. Imagination is more than the dreaming. When we have a look at clouds or see different shapes, this actually is an order from chaos (chaos is a state of extreme confusion and disorder)", certainly it is part of our imagination. The mind is unable to deal with chaos extremely well; in actual fact it will oppose it and occasionally assemble order, which is very important to the process of dreaming. Well now interesting fact is this that this also occupies a very small fraction of brain activity. Now there is a portion called memory. No doubt memory is gigantic; it occupies more of the brain resources.
And then there comes another brain activity called dreaming. Dream is actually an event influenced by the factors in our life and spirit, and the influences generate different infinite categories. These can be categorized and termed as predictive or farsighted, average, and nightmare.
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Dreams are actually your subconscious mind, dealing with issues in your life. They can range from when you we're little all the way through to your adult life, everyday events, situations, countless definitions I could go on. No one knows the in's and out's of your life better than you. I'll give you a basic example so you know what I mean, Today someone could have put you in a very bad mood, and your hurt. Let's say a friend betrayed you in some way. It will take you a while to get over, but a lot of you dealing with it is when you actually sleep. Sometimes the dream's don't seem to make sense to our conscious self if we remember them, however they do make you feel better regardless. Dreams are not only limited to issues, they can be related to positive things in life, and can make you feel great, again the dreams don't have to make sense, but our subconscious understands.

And yes, I agree with what is written above, it's a combination of images and memories recalled while we sleep. For some people like myself, they are images from energy around me, usually i don't dream about myself, it's about people i don't know, and I can see personal information and events in their lives. Even I don't understand it or why this happens, but I'm used to it now.

Interesting enough, we actually float above our bodies when we sleep, a lot of people experience in REM sleep a big jolt, it's because our conscious mind woke up faster than our subconscious and our soul floating above. You can get this jolt if you wake up from a dream suddenly, or get woken up by someone. Same situation, your conscious mind wakes up faster.

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All above are stupids . Actually a dream is wishes beyond our mind evrything is a wish or a deadly sign warning you...

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