What Do Muslims Think About God?


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Muslims name their God as Allah. Muslims belief says that Allah is one and only one and has no one with him. He is alone taking control and care of whole universe. He has no son nor daughter. He has no father nor mother. He was never given birth nor dies he gives birth. He has no match and everything in universe including humans are made by him. Muslims also believe that David,  Jesus and Mosses are prophets of Allah, who were sent to earth to educate humans of Allah's message and inform of another last prophet named Muhammad but because Torah and Bible were subject to destruction many times, that message of informing Muhammad's arrival got misplaced. However it is said that Gospel of Barnabas still had that message saved in it.
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Muslim's believe in Allah(god) and have had many miracles that provide evidence that islam is for real, such as the baby that has arabic writing on him every week: Here's the link:
abcnews.go.com is much more evidence of islam , just type in islam miracles on google and select images and you'll have a list of them, theres load like the tiger repeatedly said Allah and baby that his ear shaped as Allah's name in arabic.
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They believe in allah the most merciful and the most great
muslims rock

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