What Does Salah Mean For Muslims?


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Salah is also spelled and pronounced as Salat.
For Muslims, Salah is Arabic word for "Prayers". Muslims need to perform compulsory prayers, five time a day. At each prayer time, Azaan(or call for prayers) is made from Mosque. The Salah/Salat(Or Prayers) timings keeps on changing according to Sunset and Sunrise time. Name of Five Salah/Salat are:
Fajr-It begins approximately one hour and twenty minutes before sunrise and ends about ten minutes before sunrise.,
Zuhar-Begins just after the sun has passed the meridian,
Asar-Begins when the length of the shadow of an object is equal to the object’s length plus the shadow’s length at noon. It ends about 10 minutes before sunset.,
Maghrib-Begins immediately after sunset and ends when complete darkness approaches. This makes Maghrib Prayers time very short.
Isha-Begins when the sky is completely dark and ends just before the Dawn Prayer. As sunrise and sunset time keeps on changing, these prayers clock-time will change too and clock-time is determined by above process.
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The second pillar of Islam is Salah. It is a type of prayer. It is a stipulated liturgy which has to be performed five times a day if possible in the mosque, and is oriented to Mecca. It is a ceremonial or customary prayer in entreaty to the God. It is a compulsory practice among all the mature Muslims. It is a term which is referred for the five daily prayers among the Muslims. It is one of the five pillars of the Islam.

It is particular for the Sunni Islam. For the Shia Islam, it is one of the ten practices of their religion. It is commonly known as namaz in the areas central and south Asian languages like Urdu, Hindi, Turkish and Persian languages. The person who is performing or who performs salah or salat is termed as musallee. For this practice, there is a traditional mat used which is known as musalla.
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A prayer and second pillar
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There got to be a true religion! ... Of course it is ISLAM.
If you follow the teaching of the prophet than you are following what god had commanded you to do, and if you just come up with your own ways and understandings than don't you be blaming the religion but blame your selfe.

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