Who Made God And Why Was Satan Kicked Out Of Heaven?


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God is a Living Spirit who is the absolute supreme being who has no master or a boss! He is omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing. How could anything create a GOD who exhibits a Greater Wisdom that all that he has created alone. If God was created, then he is only God until HIS CREATOR changes the rules. How can a Supreme Being be created as a Supreme Being?
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Satan didn't fall out of favor with God, Lucifer did! God changed has name to satan (or the "DEVIL", which is "LIVED" spelled backwards) and casted him out of heaven with all of the fallen angels (demons). He, causing all of creation to sin against God, could not ever get favor from God, because that would require him to repent of his sins and give his life to Jesus. Even so, how can one inherit Salvation through creation, lose it and gain it back again? Revelation 20:10 says, "and the Antichrist was thrown into the Lake of Fire, where the Beast and the False Prophet are...." Does that sound like he ever gained favor from GOD, EVER!?
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As I understand it god IS who made him,faith of believers. Satan was instructed to bow before man,he refused,a great battle ensued,satan and his army of angels lost,satan and his minions were cast out of heaven by god,banished to the lower regions. It is all very vague to me,but believers swear on thier bibles it is gospel.
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No one made God, I know it is hard for our human brains to think this thought threw, but God is and always was here... Thats how powerful and amazing He is!!
  Also... Satan was kicked out of Heaven ,mainly bec of pride...
  God gave him great talents and he was the worship leader in Heaven and He made beautiful music and eventually He became prideful and told the angels to worship him and some did and they including the angels that worshiped him were kicked out of Heaven.
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God has always existed, And for your second question, Satan used to be an Angel named Lucifer, He once got jealous of God, because he wanted to be God, so he was kicked out and thrown into hell, but sadly, some other angels went with him, and those angels of Satan's are Demons. He created pain, death, sickness, and all other sin, because he was jealous of God, and wanted to harm us because we are God's creations. Hope that helped!
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GOD IS GOD. Satan got kicked out for many sins in his spirit that shouldn't be there and the main one is PRIDE, HAUGHTINESS
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Satan is god. There was no 'god' to kick him out of heaven because there was no heaven.

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