Why Does The Scorpio Sign Look Like An 'M'?


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The M in the Scorpio sign represents water and fertility, and the tail is supposed to signify a Scorpion's stinger. The first stroke of the symbol represents a Scorpion's claw.

Therefore the symbol reflects some of the traits of a Scorpio, such as their tendency to be possessive (the claw), their ruthless and powerful streak (the stinger) and their fertility and passionate love life (the "M"). Scorpio is a water sign, and the "M" also represents this element.

Why is the Scorpio sign an "M"?
  • Scorpios are very determined and forceful people. They know what they desire and they'll do anything to achieve their goals.
  • The water element of Scorpio represents this sign's attachment to emotions. They are very emotional and intuitive people.
  • Scorpios are known for their magnetic personalities, which usually makes them very popular amongst friends.
  • On the downside, though, they have the tendency to be jealous and sometimes resentful - which doesn't serve them well when they find themselves in a relationship.
  • They have also been known to be obsessive and compulsive people, who have the potential to also be obstinate and secretive.

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