Can A Aquarius Woman Love A Scorpio Man?


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She certainly can, but it may be difficult, and this is one the most challenging combinations of the entire zodiac.

The Aquarius woman and the Scorpio man will quickly realise that they little in common, and it may be difficult fo these two to get their relationship off the ground.

How compatible is an Aquarius woman with a Scorpio man?
  • The Scorpio man is initially blown away by the sweet innocence and independent streak of the Aquarius woman. He also appreciates the Aquarius woman's independence because he too likes an element of freedom within his relationships. 
  • The Aquarius woman is drawn in by the Scorpio man's mysterious ways, as he keeps his cards close to his chest. She desires to be treated like a princess, which is what the Scorpio man can provide for her.
  • The Scorpio man does not appreciate the detached nature of the Aquarius woman, however, which could cause tension in the relationship.
  • The Aquarius woman can forgive and forget reasonably easy - unlike her Scorpio man. If there are issues between these two it will take a while before they are ever conquered.
An Aquarius woman can certainly love a Scorpio man, but if these two are to enjoy a long-lasting relationship then a lot of work will be needed.
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I am an Aquarius woman who is deeply in love with a Scorpio man. My moon is in Pisces and my rising sign is Libra. He is a Scorpio with an Aries moon (ouch) and has Aquarius rising.

I definitely went through the torture, but it was so worth it. From everything I have read, he is a true Scorpio. We are older, both in our 40's and I think that is why I have been able to deal with his Scorpio dark tendencies. I really don't think I would have had the patience for his moods in my 20's. I have a busy life, so when he goes into the cave, I leave him alone until he is ready to come out.

He knows that I will be there for him when he is ready and I think that truly helped our relationship. He is the kind of man that I looked for all my life. He is loving, devoted and sensitive, and yes he is very masculine and oozes sensuality. He was definitely worth the wait! So yes, an Aquarius woman can love a Scorpio man, he will love her back too.
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Frankly, the secretive nature and intensity of a Scorpio man will drive a normal Aquarian woman crazy. Aquarians are too detached for Scorpios, "Lighten up!" is what an Aquarian woman will tell a Scorpio man.

Aquarian women have lots of friends including males, and sometimes a Scorpio man will not find that easy.

If you have your moon in a water sign (like the woman above who had Moon in Cancer) that helps a lot. Aquarian women needs a lot of freedom and sometimes Scorpio men cannot handle that. But sun signs are just a guide, not necessarily everything. Take your time and see how things go.
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I'm a Scorpio man and just met an Aquarius woman. I find her very intriguing. She is very open and forward which draws me out. Worried about all this compatibility stuff. I am supposed to be most compatible with Virgos. I have had two relationships with Virgo women and both times I got my heart broken. They are secretive to a fault. So who knows.
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I am an Aquarius woman and I have had two Scorpio boyfriends: One 23 years ago and the other ten years ago.

With the first one, his family moved away and would not let us stay together and the second one didn't work out because he drank too much. Even after all of this time I still love them both very deeply. I wish either one of them had worked out in our favour.

So in answer to your question, due to personal experience, yes an Aquarius woman can love a Scorpio man very much! They both loved me too, we were still in love when we split, which made it all the more difficult. However, I have my moon in Cancer, which may have made a big difference. Check to see if your moon sign is compatible.
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It's true: An Aquarius Woman can love a Scorpio male!

I am an Aquarius and my Fiance and I have been together for 2 years now and we're still going strong! As far as our signs go, yes, I do like my freedom and friends- whereas he doesn't care much for either.

At times he seems as if he's not really there but that's only to then turn around and surprise me with dinner and diamonds! The relationship of an Aquarian and Scorpion is very Intense indeed! And I love it! I love the edge that we have! When we argue (it's very petty) we end up having amazing sex afterward! Forget all of the compatibility stuff- if you truly love the man, you will be willing to put forth an effort to make it work.
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As long as that man treats her with respect, if not her love will die. She will find him intellectually stimulating, but if he does not treat her as an equal it's over. That means no pettiness, no smothering, and no making fun of things that are important to her.
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Well that is mine and my husband's signs. We are in love and have been ever since we met. But I believe love is love and you can love anyone with any sign.
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Aquarius Women and Scorpio Men have a really strong attraction to one another. I will run into a Scorpio at the grocery store and I'll check him out a bit.. And he looks at my starry Aquarius eyes.. And boom.. Typical.. 

Anyways, I've had one in particular on my mind for a long time and he knows it.. I think we both think it might be possible someday, but not now. It sort of hurts a bit. We both got a lot to do. I wonder what his motives are :/ I am Virgo Rising, and I really identify with Pisces a lot. I think it makes sense why Scorpio would drive me so crazy. Love is not limited to your sign! Of course it isn't!

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I agree with the most of previous answers. This question is strange in my opinion. Of course you can love a man or a woman from all 12 signs and it is really not so important. Most of all, the upbringing of a person and the opportunity to love and respect decide. By the way I can share cool site about dating for you. I'm sure you will find something interesting there.

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We all know that nothing is impossible unless we try it. Yes Aquarians are possessive by nature they do care for their love but if it is for a Scorpion then it would be better that compromise must be both sided if they want to proceed further.
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You can love a man from all 12 signs. Are you compatible, is really what you want to know? Why not give it a try, if you feel a spark. You can always have your charts done, but that takes some of the mystery out of romance.

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