How We Become "True Muslim"?


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According to Islamic Mumin is a term used for true Muslim. Mumin is a person whose knowledge penetrates deep into his mind, heart and soul. Allah Almighty has described 13 main qualities of such Mumin in Surah Al- Furqan they are as Follows:

1. Believe in Allah: Mumin believes in Allah Almighty and declare no assistant with Him whatsoever. Even never seek help from dead person.

2. Humble: These people don't have any sort of pride and arrogance.

3. Always Say Salaam.

4. Saying Prayer after mid night: Mumin after saying 5 times prayer will try to say prayers after mid night which is not compulsory but if he does that Allah will reward him.

5. Careful person in spending money: Mumin takes care of the money given to him, he is neither stingy person nor an extravagant but a careful person.

6. Avoid shirk.

7. Don't kill anyone.

8. Avoid betrayal.

9. Avoid lying, Fraud and don't go near the evil places or dwells.

10. Decent and kind: Mumin whenever pass by evil gathering, they ask their Allah's protection and move on.

11. Use their mind: Mumin have a quality that when they are told orders of Allah they listen and follow the orders without any complain or without asking for any proof.

12. Worry about family for the Day of Judgment.

13. Fear from Allah: Mumin often pray from Allah, to bless them in this world as well as save them from the hell fire in hereafter.

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