What Is The Symbol Of Islam Called?


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The star & crescent symbolizes Islamic power. It can be seen on many flags, on minars of the mosques and even people wearing it on their forehead with apiece of cloth. This symbol was relatively used by the Ottoman Empire in the traditional means of meaning Islamic places or monumental effects. In simple language it is called 'Hilal e Ehmer'.

Hilal meaning the moon with its shape and Ehmer or Ahmer is the symbolic name that the moon shaped with the star takes up. Constantinople (present day – Istanbul) was recognized with the symbol which was later adopted by the Turks. Later it was used with different colours as it was to be used.
White, red, black, green etc. white would usually represent purity or belief/faith. Black is seen as correspondence to Shia Muslims who mourn the death of the Prophet's grandson by hands of Yazeed. Green colour shows reference with Islamic faith on mosques and decoration of places and Quran.
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There is no symbol the crescent moon used today was created by the Turkish empire. The colour green which is often refered to was the prophet's favorite colour, but that in itself does not represent a symbol for it. So it one sentence, there is no symbol for Islam.

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