How Does Islam Work For Human Welfare Through Social Work?


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In Islam,there is a well-mentioned system of keeping the balance between the poor and the rich.This system is known as Zakat - system.It is a compulsion for the rich ,who has the given standard amount of possession ,to give a given amount of money as Zakat to the poor or those who deserves this Zakat.The standard amount of possession should be more than 7 tola Gold in order to pay Zakat.In this way ,the rich give away money as charity and the poor fulfil the need.There is another source also known as fitra .It is also for the social welfare of people.Hence ,Islam encourages the social welfare activities.
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Islam is always willing to help others in one way or the other so nobody can deny that Islam is against human welfare through social work. Social work is providing us a proper system to work for the benefit of people. This benefit can be properly installed by keeping in view the Islamic point of view of human welfare.

Islam and human welfare are two topics which are properly and tightly interlinked with one another. Islam is a religion which totally realizes that one should be helpful to other living things in all regards. Human beings are of high value and their welfare matters a lot. This is an important issue for human beings hat they should help each other.

Islam ahs devised a couple of techniques for helping human beings. This can be done by money circulation and proper person to person coordination as well. This is given in Quran and Sunnah so we should admit this fact. These two are important pillars of Islam. Hope it may be clear to you now!

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