What Religious Beliefs Did The Shawnee People Have?


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The Shawnee believe that a great Goddess is knitting a net who will eventually come down with it to sweep her children away. There are some similarities of this to the Christian "Rapture" but not entirely the same. Shawnee like all Indian Nations believe that nature is continuous, never-ending (having infinite space and time), sacred and should be respected by all and that (ironic to history) the earth/ land is not owned by anyone. They also respected others cultures and beliefs.

As far as tribal ceremonies, they were mostly in correlation with helping them agriculturally; one annually for every season and also having pre and post war ceremonies. The Shawnee were also famous for their health and medical practices and were considered as witchcraft to some because most of the healing process was done with their spirituality. With the Shawnee having strong spirituality, the faster the healing process to an outsiders amazement.

In death, the Shawnee believed that it was disrespectful to leave a body unburied and quickly recovered deceased after battle. The wake process was a lengthy four days in which they celebrated in song, dance, and eulogies/ speeches by most tribe-members. The bodies were buried to be laid to rest with their Mother (Earth). Just like most paranormal beliefs, the deceased spirits walked the earth to watch over.

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