Do You Think That People Who Are Not Religious Can Cope In Life?


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I am not religious, and I still manage to cope with life. It's not that difficult. People are just afraid to come out of their shells, theoretically speaking, religion is their protection.
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Religious people and true beleivers are NOT THE SAME. Come on get a grip somebody. Religion is just a system of rules and regulations. We don't live by rules,we that truly believe, but by the Spirit of God and faith in Him. Yes those who are not religious can cop in life, and I am living proof. I don't disengage from God's Word or say not to do as He says. But when you live by the Holy Spirit you don't have religion, but are free from its bondage. The Ten Commandments are the law, and law is created for the LAWLESS. So those still living by religion are still subject to the law. I have the law written on my heart as a testimony that I don't have to be religious to cope. So does every true saint. So I wish someone would stop and think about what religion and religious mean. Christ did not die so we could play religion, but to be free from it(the law) and fulfill it w/o struggle, like the religious people who try not to sin do. Religious people are those who go to church on Sun, pray on Mon, read their bible on Tues and sin Wed-Sat. They are otherwise known as "hypocrites" and I have nothing to do with them, outta love for the Father.
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Yes they can. Anyone with personal strength can get through things normally.
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Much better than those who base their happiness on believing in a guy-in-the-sky who grants wishes.

Those of us who stand on our own feet need no gods.

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I'm not religious and cope much better now then when I was religious. My wife who is religious copes better when she relies on my non-religious opinion. Humans when they give up religion find their place in life and don't rely on a superhuman being to rely on and depend on their own reasoning.

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Obviously so.

We see how the religious cope with life; badly. 

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In order to cope with today's life it takes at least the necessities such as food clothing and shelter. But even with all that alot of people find it hard. I believe applying the scripture at Matthew 5:3 stating "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs because the kingdoms of the heavens belong to him" can really make a difference in coping in our lives because simply living life without a purpose just isn't enough for me

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Sceince fly's you to the moon,

religion fly's you into buildings.

More people have died because of

religion than any other source on earth.

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The concept of being able to "Cope" with regards to religion and life, seems to be a direct correlation to addiction. When one has to go outside of themselves to be "Soothed, placated . . . Whatever" I find this something that is learned from repeated childhood experiences or indoctrinated during childhood.

The need for an outside source to "Cope" is something I see as a mental need . . . Some people turn to splitting their personalities in extreme circumstances, and others create "Make Believe" people to talk to . . or adopt the equivalent in a religion. Having had to slowly pry the tendrils of being indoctrinated from childhood and can tell you it certainly would seems like a mental disorder.

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The majority of people cope adequately with life.  While the best appellation for the human race may not be "survivors," it is definitely accurate.

Religion is like a number of other things in life---the more accurate its view of both unseen and seen reality, the more information one can have regarding life and how best to live, so that one may avail himself of possibilities and achievements that may otherwise remain unknown.

A full glass is always satisfying, but as one understands more, he understands the incredible difference between a small full glass and a large full glass.

Our latest grandchild was Baptized yesterday.  It was an amazing reminder of the complexity and wonder of life as God created it.

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Congratulations. Grandchildren keep their grandparents alive. (I'm not sure about the "amazing" reminder though.) (Or the god creation thing either).
Tom  Jackson
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@Ray Dart

I love a "yes, but" comment---lol
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Yes. I believe they can. However, as a Christian I know that I always have someone (God) who cares and sees me through all things. It does make a difference. At some point in our lives we all need him.
Hope this helps.

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