How Do Superstitions Help Our Daily Lives?


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Superstitions in some form or another, have been around for thousands of years, certainly since Roman and Greek times. In the United Kingdom many superstitions can be traced back to pagan times.

Superstitions are often based around practical realities. For example, in Britain it is considered bad luck to walk under a ladder. However, the reality is that if something (or someone) is going to fall off the ladder may collapse then it is best not to be under it!

Whilst superstitions may seem at odds with rational or religious beliefs, it is likely that they act as a psychological talisman in the sense that they help us to believe that we will not have bad luck.

Psychologists not tend to agree that if we expect good fortune or good luck, then it is more likely to happen. So, in this way superstitions can help us believe that things are going to be ok. This then becomes the reality.

The only negative aspect to superstitions is when someone becomes too dependent on them and avoiding bad luck can become a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, at which point, medical help needs to be sought.

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