What Are Superstitions?


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Superstitions are beliefs or practices for which
there appears to be no rational substance. It is a term designated to these
beliefs that result from ignorance and fear of the unknown.  
Those who use the term imply that they have certain knowledge or
superior evidence for their scientific, philosophical, or religious
An ambiguous word, it probably cannot be used exept subjectively.
Ignorance of natural causes leads to the belief
that certain striking phenomena express the will or the anger of some
invisible overruling power, and the objects in which such phenomena
appear are forthwith deified, as example, in Nature-worship.
Conversely, many superstitious practices are due to an exaggerated
notion or a false interpretation of natural events,
so that effects are sought which are beyond the efficiency of physical causes.
Curiosity also with regard to things that are hidden or are still in the
future plays a considerable part, example, in the various kinds of divination.
With this qualification in mind, superstitions may be classified roughly
as religious, cultural and personal.
Superstitions has been deeply influential in history.
Even in so-called modern times, in a day when objective evidence
is highly valued, there are few people who would not, if pressed,
admit to cherishing secretly one or two irrational beliefs or superstitions.   
Such superstitious ideas persist not withstanding the evidence which
oppose their validity.

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