I dreamed again about this girl that I like. It was a dream this time instead of a nightmare. We were walking on this beach, which never seemed to end, looking out at the ocean which went on forever. What sort of symbolism does this dream have?


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Well the endless ocean can represent your current relationship status; tht you guys hav known eachother for a while and thts just IT, and it will continue that wayy... Buutt it could also mean you don't want it to end, you want to keep walking with her forever and always want to be by her side, and the ocean could be how distant you are from everthing else and this girl is the close up of your life.
Mehh, your the guys so its your job to ask out this girl, but ONLY ask her out if you r sure she likes you more than just a friend, because the last thing a girl wants is for her best friend to ask her out!! Gluck hope you make the right descisions n stuff x

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