Who Has The Maximum Knowledge Of Islam After Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) At That Time?


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After the Prophet (S.A.W.W), there is not any one person right now in the current times who has the same amount of knowledge and power. He was the only one complete person, who came on this earth. It would be best to say that it was the master piece.
Yes you can say that who has the enough knowledge about Islam and every other aspect of life. So now a day, there are many other scholars who has very vast experience in the Islam teaching.

The most well know preacher of Islam now a day is the Dr. Zakir Nayek, he lives in Mumbai, INDIA, who is the owner and the director of Peace TV. On this TV, he came and answer many questions of Muslims, Hindus, Christians and any other religion. He has the answer of each and every thing. This channel is totally for Islamic preaching. He is very sharp minded and well spoken person.

The other person is the Dr. Israr; he also came on the peace TV, and has very huge knowledge of ISLAM. He lives in Lahore and run an institute for Islamic teaching.
In the current time both of these are the best Islamic preacher, and have so much knowledge about Islam. They preach Islam all over the world.
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after our beloved prophet peace be upon him give his knowledge to all muslim;s ummah that no single per say that I have not knowledge about islam if he is not a muslim but no muslim person can say that but when the talk come of power that I will say that hazrat muhammad (sallalla ho alaihi wasallam)only the person that allah give all his power to his nabi.

All muslim have knowledge about our islam if he does not know that he will think that why he was came in world.

My english is not better but I m trying
allah will give thinking power 2 all people to come in islam

and last  I will say that,
Dr.zakir nayak and other person work but see many peoples works in the world also so don't say 2 peoples only .... All muslim people are doing work for islam

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Hazrat muhammad p b you h was born in
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We humans, think we know it all, reach the moon, etc,next to god,
no-one has true kld be humanowledge as to gods existence, we can only feel the power of almighty,
there should b e humanity and spirittualism and so called love between people,

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