Who Was Second Wife Of Hazrat Muhammad?


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Couldn't find much but I saw it was sawda bint zama.
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Sawda bint zama. Mabpw - was the second wife of Muhammad pbuh. Was wise woman , big enough to raise up his children after Khdija paased away ,  and a friend of her while hijraan to Habash , and her husband they offered the prophet to marry Aysha, bint Abi bake so the prophet pbuh mided as aysha was still young, and he wold prefer a grown woman to take care of his children after their mother passed away ,so Kawlaa, ( the woman and her husband  who offered sawda to the prophet, they said , : Sawda is a grown woman , faithful and wise, she passed the youth age and passed away some her beauty , so immediately the prophet agreed , and he married her, she already had six children the marriage happened in Ramadan after ten years of Prophecy and other said on the after eight years of hijraa, and he paid her marriage gift 400 dirhams and he took her to immigration to medina,

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