Administration At The Time Of Hazrat Umar ?


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The administration during the time of the Caliph Umar was considered a model period during the Islamic History. Umar had established and regulated a formal procedure for the accumulation of Zakat and establishing a route for the first Welfare state in human history. Widows and children were prioritized and kindness to slaves was promoted during his reign. Umar had also waged wars against people who refused to pay Zakat. He is said to roam around at nights like an ordinary civlian to see what condition his people were living in and considered himself accountable. He was said to be so just that on one occassion a civilian had held him accountable for certain actions and he had to satisfy them personally with viable facts. He was also known for regulating the police system and creating parameters for distributing funds and rationing from the Bait Ul Mal. Sanctity of life, right to self expression, personal freedoms within the boundaries were all some of the features of his reign.

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