What Is Pentecost?


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It is a branch of Christianity based on Jesus' "sending a comforter" so that we wouldnt have to be alone when he went back to heaven after his arisal from the grave. The day of pentecost, the base of the religion is discussed in the book of Acts. The first, second, and third chapters in the book of Acts explain pentecost. There were 120 people in all (including some of Jesus' apostles) gathered in an upper room, and all at once the holy ghost came down from heaven and struck them all at the same time. They were all shouting, and speaking in tongues, this is referred to as the day of pentecost. The religion is based loosely on the holy ghost coming down from heaven when Jesus died. We worship God, and Jesus of course, but also love that holy ghost!!!!!!
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Pentecost is the first fruit of the crop of ancient Israel fifty days after the feast of unleavened bread and passover.

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