Differences Between Divali And Sikh Diwali?


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Hindus celebrate the return of rama and sita and Sikhs celebrate the freedom of their 6th guru, guru hargobind

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Diwali is of two different religions, Hindu and Sikh, and it is a hard thing to study because I am studying now at school as home work and I need some real help, so here is the question(s) what are the differences of Hindu and Sikh diwali and what do Sikh people learn when they celebrate diwali and the last one is what other religion uses festival of light other than Sikh's and Hindu's
There is no diwali .there is dipawli(diwali mean loss)(dipawli means happiness and wealth)

Both having same meaning and way of prayer.but sikh dipawli celebrated by sikhismwho is not related to Hinduism but their belives or faith is 90% similar to Hinduismin sihk religion there is no own god in the sence of shikhism which is why the obeys hidusim god and goddess.because shikh religion is also belongs from only & only India.

And on the other hand people who celebrate dipawli for the prayer of goddes LAXMIthat is main this festival few tantriks learn that
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