What's The Difference Between Sikhs And Muslims?


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The difference between Sikhism (whose followers are called Sikhs) and Islam (whose followers are called Muslims) is that they are two very distinct religions which have different belief systems, practices and observances.

What is the difference between Sikhs and Muslims?
Sikhism is a religion that originated in the Punjab region of India during the 15th century.

The main thing that it has in common with Islam is that both religions subscribe to the belief in one god (known as monotheism).

Beyond that, the two religions are actually as different as...uhh.. A carrot and a mandolin (basically they are very different).

Sikhs are required to have the following beliefs:

  • One immortal god (Ik Onkar)
  • Following the 'ten gurus' and their teachings
  • The equality of humankind
  • The brotherhood of all men
Sikhs are well known for observing the tradition of not cutting their hair. Instead they wear their long hair in a turban.

Difference between Islam and Sikhism
Muslims on the other hand follow the religion of Islam. It is an Abrahamic religion (like Judaism and Christianity) that also believes in one God (Allah).

Muslims follow the guidance of a book called the Koran which they believe to be the word of God.

Muslims also believe that Islam is the final form of a Religion that has been sent down to earth by God numerous times (including through Moses and Jesus).

Muslims revere these historical messengers or prophets - especially the last of their messengers Muhammad.

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