Does This Taurus Man View Me As His Girlfriend, Or Not?


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Only the Taurus man will know this! Usually Taureans are adept at keeping their true feelings to themselves - they only open up when they feel they can completely trust someone.

One of the most fundamental aspects of a Taurus, especially in the context of relationships, is that they crave stability and security.

If he hasn't decided that you can provide him with these yet, then he will not commit.

They are patient fellows, and he may take a while to make a decision. Luckily for you, though, he's a Taurus and you're a Cancer - one of the best matches of the zodiac!

How to handle a Taurus man...
  • Taureans have plently of positive attributes to their characters. They are both reliable and patient, which makes them great boyfriend material, once they have decided you are the one they want to spend their time with.
  • They're good-natured and very loving towards the people who mean the most to them.
  • As I mentioned earlier, they tend to be placid and love security and stability.
  • Taurus men also have some not-so-great qualities, especially when it comes to relationships. They have the potential to become very jealous, and at times overly-possessive.
  • They can also become resentful and stubborn, which makes them difficult to make up with if there is an issue in the partnership.
  • Taurus men are also greedy and self-indulgent, which aren't the best traits you'd want a potential life-partner to possess.
You may have to wait a little while longer before the Taurus man views you as his girlfriend. They take time to make a commitment and he may not have finished assessing your suitability as his girlfriend yet. Be patient.
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I'm a Libra girl and this new guy at work (who is a Taurus) has been digging on me and I have been on him as well. We were at a party together and he was following me around all night. We have so much in common, it's kind of scary!

We're both very down-to-earth, spiritual people. We ended up cuddling on the couch and when everyone left, we were left alone. We semi-hooked up but not all the way. I told him of my year-long abstinence and he said he'd feel bad to have sex with me for the first time in so long on someone's couch - which is a good thing!

The next morning, everyone saw us cuddling and he didn't mind. He was very close but I believe it was me that made things a little awkward when we dropped him off at work. I didn't get out of the car to hug him like I think he was trying to do, I didn't give him my number, I just said, "okay, bye" out of being nervous. I think it came off as not the way I wanted it to.

A few days go by and I stop into work and I told him we should hang out sometime and he replied with, "yes, but I never got your number from the other night!" so we made plans to kick it for today (3 days later) and he never called me. From what I have been reading about Taurus men, instead of freaking out and worrying myself sick, I am going to give him all the space he needs. He will come to me if he truly wants me. But he does know I am interested! We'll just have to see what happens.

I've been dying to talk to him and see him but I won't let him know that now. It's kind of hard to have patience but it's all I can do if I want him. I can't force him to call me or hang out with me. And I know it's going to take longer than a week for him to make up his mind! Hopefully things will work out. Thanks for all the posts! They helped me with my situation!
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Although Taurus men are known to be dedicated to their chosen one, it seems he hasn't "chosen" you as his "one" yet. It's only been a month and a half!

Taurus men need time to make their decisions! I'm a Taurus and from my experience, I have never felt anything serious for a Cancer, in love and in friendship. I see Cancers as too unreliable, superficial and moody. Taureans seek stability.

Also, I can tell you are too needy, as is typical of emotional Cancers. So what if he doesn't call/text/see you for a few days? Will you die? No. He needs his space. Cancer girl, I think you would do best with a Scorpio or Pisces, the other two emotional signs of the zodiac.

A Taurus man is looking for a woman with confidence but not too much. A little spice and a lot of stability. Also, Taureans have an uncanny ability to sense another Taurus. We like people who share our similarities - our taste in foods, our approach to everything, our practicality, our business savvy, our love of culture, nature and the arts.

I'm dating another Taurus and it's like we are twins! We gravitate toward the same interests and we like that because it's predictable in a sense and what is predictable is also stable. We know we can handle it.

When Taurus men are first dating, don't assume it's exclusive either. They will date around, whether or not they tell you. They like to thoroughly explore their options before they decide. This is also a form of a test for you. If you can handle that and are still around and keeping his interest after at least a year, you move up as a candidate for being the one. Good luck!
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The thing is that we have already gone through some crap with other guy friends grabbing, touching or being a little "too fresh" with me in front of him. He was so pissed off that we got into a fight over it. He said he can't handle being with a girl that allows men to put their hands on me (even though it was not my fault and I threw their hands off me). He also can't see why I hangout with my gay friends. He doesn't like it. He seems very stubborn and unable to see things differently.
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Another issue that came up over the weekend was that some of his co-workers "thought" they saw me at a fair with another dude. He called and texted me regarding the situation telling me that "he needs to know where we stand" and "just please be honest with me" and things like that. I immediately went to his work and told him that I did not do such a thing. He said that he believes me and not his co-workers but then walked away and was cold to me.
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He's giving me such mixed signals I can't handle it. I want to talk to him about how he is making me feel but I feel that if I do that, he will run away forever. I am TRYING to be as cool and chill as possible with him because I know that is what he likes. It's just hard for me as I like to know EXACTLY where we stand. He is not the best communicator. HELP!!!!

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