I'm In Love With A Taurus Man With A Girlfriend And A Son. What Do I Do?


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People born under the sign of Taurus crave two things in a relationship - security and stability. Unfortunately, I would assume that he will not leave his current partner and child for you, as his current family unit affords him security and stability.

Another aspect of Taurus men is that they take plently of time deciding if a partner is worthy of their commitment.

If he does decide to leave his current girlfriend and son for you, then he'll take a long time weighing up the pros and cons of this decision. You may need a great deal of patience here.

Will a Taurus man leave his wife, or just carry on cheating?
Taurus men have some great attributes they can bring to a relationship:

  • They are very reliable and extremely patient, which ensures that your partnership will almost certainly be a smooth ride. It also makes them very dependable partners.
  • When they are in a relationship, they are very emotionally-attached to their partner and are generally good-natured people. They like to form very special bonds with their lovers.
  • You will also find that Taurus men are extremely determined, focused and persistent. These attributes are great for building a solid partnership, and they also find these values useful in their careers.
  • They are placid folk, who value security and stability above everything else. This is why I do not think he will leave his currently family for you - but I may be wrong.
Taureans also have some not-so-good traits to their character:

  • They are known to be extremely possessive of their loved ones, and have a tendency to get jealous very easily. This doesn't serve them well within a long-lasting relationship.
  • Taureans are also thought to be somewhat resentful and stubborn. Again, this may mean he takes his time making important decisions.
  • Taureans can also be very self-indulgent and often greedy. This may mean that he'll want to keep seeing both you and his current girlfriend for a while longer!
My advice to you would be to confront him, and ask him what he truly wants. If he does not wish to leave his girlfriend or son, then you should stop seeing him.
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He has a son and you have kids as well but he is dating another woman yet he is romantic with you but no physical contact? I would be very concerned with this as this is a form of cheating. He has a relationship with her but I would imagine she is not aware of you.

If he is cheating on her, can you guess what he will do when he stops the relationship with her and begins with you? Once a guy cheats, it is a general rule that he will continue.

If you feel very strong about wanting him for yourself, you need to be a little more aggressive and confrontational. Ask him when he is going to part ways with this girlfriend and why he feels the need to stay with her. Tell him that by having the relationship with you, that he is cheating on her anyway so he should end it quickly.

I have assumed that you have already told him how you feel and your expectations so if not, you had best take care of that as lack of communication will be devastating and is to a majority of relationships.
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Taurus men are one of the most loyal signs, but once in a while this goes wrong. Be advised though that his sign is the very last one to leave his wife or girlfriend over another woman. Taurus men crave stability and security. Jumping from one girl to another seems very strange and he may be doubting the move himself. He has a family. He seems settled enough.

Confront him. Tell him you're not going to wait around forever. If he's just practicing his charms as one of the most romantic signs, tell him to go elsewhere.

Use solid words like 'long-lasting' or 'steady' but not flowery words like 'forever' or 'soul-mate', as that may scare him away. Use the solid words when describing what you want to give to him. Be careful, don't say what you want from him, rather what you will give to him.

Make him feel he's not jumping into open water by leaving his girlfriend to be with you. Taureans above all else need absolute security and stability. Give him that.

Don't end the conversation without getting a finalized date for when he'll be ending it with her (no more than a week away!) and if he says he needs to think about it, tell him he has until tomorrow night to decide. If he hasn't chosen by then, you're gone. Don't call him after that, and be nonchalant with him if you happen to run into him. Don't cave in no matter how lovingly he gazes at you. (I know first-hand how persuasive 'that look' can be. I get it everyday).

Be well.
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I appreciate your answers and I totally agree with both, He has asked me to wait a little bit, he hates to leave his son since we are planing on moving to another state, he is loyal, we have had no sex, he respects alot.But today everything exploded at his home and she came to my house wanting answers, I was a lady I did not scoop to her level at all, She knows he does not love her, they fight and argue every day, he tells me that he knows Im the one for him, soposobly he picked everything and is ready to leave, He called me and told me to please believe in him and that he would be in touvh with me, I think now I should move from here since she lives in the same complex as I do and its very unconfortable. But I have to wait for him to let me know what he is doing, if not Im off and when he is ready he can call me, do you agree with that?
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Stay away from him...send him packing.  He's probably just a player...I know I have been in this same situation with a Taurus man and hell drag this on forever at your expense. 

 Yes he'll say he's not happy but he'll not leave her... You will end up crushed and he'll be gone without a word of apology. Don't listen to his stories...run!

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