Is A Taurus Woman Compatible With A Virgo Man?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, these two should make a very good match. There is definitely the potential here for a long-lasting, stable and meaningful relationship.

Taurus and Virgo should quickly form a good understanding, and communication between two should not be difficult at all. This serves them well whenever there is a difference of opinion.

The Taurus woman with the Virgo man...
  • Both these signs are very practical creatures who keep themselves grounded. This makes for a very functional relationship, but could cause problems when the Taurus woman needs a bigger emotioinal commitment from the Virgo man.
  • The Taurus woman is very devoted and caring. These qualities are appreciated - but not always reciprocated by the Virgo man.
  • The Virgo man is very set in his ways - he likes to do things his own way. The Taurus woman is somewhat stubborn, too, and this can cause problems for the Virgo man. Both will need to compromise on this aspect of the relationsip.
  • The Virgo man is great at communicating his ideas and needs, whilst the Taurus woman is a very good listener. These qualities mean that they can quickly build a meaningful understanding.
  • Harmony is the best word to describe the relationship between these two. They're good together, but the relationship could stagnate if it's not worked upon.
  • They both enjoy the easy life, so their peacful union will serve them both well.
These two are definitely compatible - just don't expect too much excitement.
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marie huntsman answered
Yes, very much so, my father was a Taurus and my mother is a Virgo. They were married for 14 years and together for 18. I've only seen them fight towards the end of my father's life, he had cancer. My father was really great to my mother and my mother was good to him.
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Katie Gray answered
Yes very compatible, I'm a Virgo in love with a Taurus.
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Well I met my Taurus man through a dating site!

We're both in our 20s and I have been in a few long relationships and thought I'd never find someone I could trust, respect and care for until I found my Taurus man. He shows he cares through body language, touch, and facial expressions. It's only been six weeks and I know he likes me a lot. Not that he's told me, it's his actions that count.

Don't expect a Taurus man to bowl you over with words, he won't! It's that look in his eye, that casual touch and the odd questions he asks. If you are a Virgo woman, snatch this man up! He's perfect in every way. Though be warned, he likes his time with his friends which includes alcohol. However, if you don't mind this and can see that he feels comfortable to do this as well, respect that. Good luck with your Taurus guy! He's the best.
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Taurus men want to work out things in their own way. They possess a dominant nature. More likely to get a job of boss type. In their relationship, they are bossy too. They can be faithful. Virgo women want clean surroundings. They fight for their life. Yes Virgo and Taurus can be good match.

Taurus man and Cancer woman is also a good match.
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Jerry Bartlett answered
Absolutely. My wife is a Tarus and I'm a Virgo and we've been happily married for 25 years. Your astrological sign has no bearing on relationships.
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Well, it depends because the Taurus can be very sneaky and play with the Virgo's mind. If you are a Virgo woman, it's fun to be with a Taurus, but just watch out a little for the beastly tricks up his sleeves.

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