Why Do Vampires Burn In The Sunlight?


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Well um I am a vampire well I'm certain I am and to tell use no we don't burn in sunlight we all can go out in it but it does make us a little bit weak and only some vampires who r true killers the skin shines ok and to tell you I'm 14 and yea use might go oh this kid just wants attention well I don't ive all ways been different to other kids and I go out in the sunlight but I feel a bit weak and yes my eyes do change colour depending on mood and my skins pale so yea use can believe I'm trying to get attention but I'm not ok so theres my answer say what you think and ill come back and read well thanks and my names David or Divad
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Kelly Ingram answered
Some (none twilight ppl) belive it is to do with that they ARE DEAD.....but if you want to go with the majority....they SPARKLE.....kk...

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