What Date Did Islam Start?


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Islam began with the prophet Muhammad in the year 622 a.d. Before then it was Judaism and Christianity that existed. This is based on historical facts, not just on theological ideologies, which sometimes stray from historical records.
Islam is not considered a faith that was 'started' at such and such a date, and it is believed by Muslims that God gave the fundamentals of Islam, His chosen religion, for all people from the very beginning of time. As for a more specific answer to your question, the Prophet of the final message of Islam, Muhammed (SAW) was born in 570AC, and he recieved the first revelation and was declared a Prophet at the age of 40, so to answer your question in that sense, Islam began in 610AC.
God has been called many names in history and these names are not wrong to use, but it is God who revealed the Quran, His word, and He chose the main name Allah, and other names exist and these explain His attributes. But Allah is different as it is a very suitable word as it has no plural, it has no gender, and it is known to mean 'God' in Arabic and Aramaic from which Arabic is part-derived from.
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About 610 a.d. With Muhammad's first visions.

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