How Compatible Are Leo Women With Sagittarius Men?


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Maud La Roux answered
These two are exceptionally compatible! They will enjoy a whirlwind start to the relationship, which will quickly become passionate and steamy. They will both fuel each others free spirits which will certainly create that initial spark that every relationship needs!

Leo woman and Sagittarius man These two share many qualities, and have multiple traits which are attractive to the other;

  • The humour and wit of the Sagittarius man intrigues the Leo woman, and likewise he will find the Leo woman's grace and beauty very attractive.
  • They both enjoy social interaction, which will mean that their relationship will be full of social events and large gatherings. They both will have large social circles, which at times could prove problematic as they find it difficult to find time for one another.
  • The Leo woman is a natural flirt and enjoys the attention of others, which may not go down well with the Sagittarius man's jealous side.
  • The Sagittarius man is everything the Leo woman desires. He is extremely faithful and possesses the passion and loyalty that she craves.

A relationship between these two will be very fast paced, but it has the potential to grind to a halt if both parties are not prepared to compromise. If both the Leo woman and Sagittarius man fall in love with each other, then their loyalty and determination should mean these two will have a long and stable future ahead.
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Robyn Rothman answered
They are as compatible as any male and female might be. Would you reject someone on the basis of his or her astrological sign, even if the two of you were perfect together? How wise would that be?

Besides that, you can find thousands of generalisations that apply to every sign. Astrology can be fun as a diversion, but not something to plan your life around. Take people for what they are, not what the Zodiac tells you.

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