How Good Are A Scorpio Female And A Scorpio Male Together?


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These two can certainly work, but they may also have a tendency to collide. Scorpio is a very powerful sign, and having two of them in the relationship could make things very difficult.

Normally I would suggest that Scorpios should be with a sign that complements their own, but I have also known a few Scorpio-Scorpio relationships that have worked.

Each will crave emotional stimulation from a relationship and if both these strong characters are willing to compromise, then the partnership can definitely work.

How compatible is a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman?
  • These two will be able to develop a very sensual and deep relationship. Their partnership will be very intense and they will forge a strong emotional bond.
  • The combination of a Scorpio man with a Scorpio woman could also prove to be too mundane for both of them. They like adventure and are intrigued by people who are different from themselves, which could mean they will get bored with each other too easily.
BEN GREGO answered
You really should get a compatibility chart done - using sunsigns is only the very beginning of what astrology is all about, it's a very complex subject!

There are many really good astrology websites, and only by having this type of chart done can you tell how compatible - or not - these two would be.

They will ask for both people's names, birthdates, time and place of birth. Then a chart is done that shows how each person reacts to the other.

It is only a guide - but will give you very valuable insights into just what type of relationship you would have with this person.
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Love is love and if you believe that one is the one then go for it. Don't worry about the sun signs, sure they help, but go with your heart.

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