Where In The Bible Does It States To Separate Yourself From The Things Of This World?


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In Johns lst letter and 2nd chapter he says He who loves the world does not have the love of the Father in him, For all that is in the world the Lust of the flesh, The lust of the eyes and the Pride of life are NOT of the Father but of the WORLD.

In Collisions 3, 1-5 it says since you have been risen with Christ (takes place when born again)
set your affections on things above instead of the things on earth (WORLD) for your life his hidden with Christ in God .

The 3 areas where Satan tempted Adam and Jesus are the beginning of this answer. Adam fell for the lie of devil, thats why romans says ALL have sinned and fallen short of Gods Best. Jesus
however was victorious Praise his name 1 Corinth 15 says Jesus is called the 2nd Adam,
He came to pick up where Adam fell short, and because Jesus was victorious in dozens of ways
we are able to have free gift to separate from world but also live with JESUS forever
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If a preacher or an individual that smokes should they be behind the pulpit trying to preach

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