How To Identify Women Dead Body If Muslim Or Not?


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Give bath to that girl and bring that water in front of a horse, if that girl was Muslim the horse will surely  drink the water,other wise he will never drink that water,,....amazing but this is true.
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No body can guess this
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You shouldn't care if she is or is not muslim. If someone found a woman's dead body, they darn well better report it!
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I would  just  contact  law enforcement  and let them handle the situation than later
you  can  find  out  what  religion  that  she  is
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It s hard to find out;look for in her staff, clothes books , you can find somethnig
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I do not understand this question, there is no way to tell someones religion just by looking at them.
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You have to bend body in the shape of Sajada. If you can bend it then leave it in that position for 1min. Check the Forehead, if a sign appears of Sajada on her forehead, then its Muslim, if not, then Non Muslim.
If you can't give a shape for any reason, there is no way you can find it.
Thank you
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There is no wfay to find out from her body if she is a muslim or not. You could always check her inner wrist, look for cross. If it's not there then she's most probably not a christian. If she was wearing a veil then she is a muslim. That's all I have for you. Muslims don't mark their bodies like christians. You could always see if she's wearing a necklace or a bracelet with a cresent or a the words Allah or MashaAllah in arabic then she is one. Other than that, there is no way to find out.
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First of all, if you found a dead body, I would call the police. If you didnt find a body and if you're just curious, she might be wearing a headscarf or the long surang. Otherwise they are just like any other person and you cannot really tell.
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The body can be identify by bending her in sajada form for one minute and some sign will appear on forehead then the body is muslim ..

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