What Is The Procedure Of Tarabi Namaz?


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These are the prayers that are done after Isha in the month of Ramadan. Tarabi is prayed just like Rakhas. Some people pray a total of eight Rakhas; that means two Rakhas + two Rakhas + two Rakhas + two Rakhas + the last three Rakhas.

In the last three rakhas, the first two are prayed like normal Rakhas, and the last is prayed like this: You start your Salah just like you normally would and then after Rukhu as usual, then everyone raises their hand for Dua and the Imam. They then say a long or short Dua (it doesn't matter), and you go for Sajdah and perform the rest of the Salah like normal.

Some people pray twenty Rakhas of Tarawi which is Ok too.
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Taraweeh is the name for night prayers. These prayers are only held at night in the month of Ramadan.
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Tarabi is a non obligatory prayer in the holy month of ramadan.
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Taraveeh is neither fard nor even Sunnah but an optional prayer preferred by Muslims world over to recite or listen to the Quran.
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Its very easy explain...!! Just like a Non muslim makes such a question!!if Non muslim explain his Religion then Y not you!!

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