What Is Prayer?


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It's like a slow dance between you and God, because it is that intimate. It's a time when nothing else matters but the conversation between you and your savior. It's a time of thanksgiving, a time of praise, and worship, a time to plea for the sake of others and share your own needs as well. But it is also a time when God wants to speak to you, if only the time is taken to listen, and to rest in Him. Some people love to climb in the lap of Santa, they should try and climb into the lap of God, there is where you will find true joy, and rest.
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Prayer is a regular thing for me, before I get out of bed, when I do something stupid, and before I go back to bed. I thank him for the day an all the blessings he has given me. I pray to ask forgiveness and repent of my sins, I pray for help, friends, family, and even those I don't really care for.
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As a practising catholic I pray every single day. I have a set of prayers I say regularly and a selection that I mix in from time to time. The important part for me is thinking carefully about each prayer and not to just rattle it of . If I get distracted I will start again. My favourite prayer is the adoro te devote written by st thomas aquinas. I recite this at least once a week and all my prayers are said without needing a prayerbook . So I have them with me wherever I go. I talk to god using my own words especially when I am asking for guidance or help. I see prayer as a means of bringing people together ,ie in mass and as a way of giving time to god and only to god. If I am on a bus journey I may say a prayer or two. If I pass a funeral I may say a prayer ,if I pass a church or a spot were someone was killed etc I would say a prayer. Its always the last thing I do before I sleep and the first thing I do when I awaken. It doesn't have to be on bended knees or with aids such as rosary beads or prayer books. God is always with us, but its nice to share with others in church or chapel. :)
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I talk to God on a daily basis.
When I wake up, I say good morning to him.
I talk to Him about all sorts of things, but mostly about the needs of others and the needs of my family and friends.
I talk to God about Starving and homeless people, war, soldiers who are fighting to defend their country and others and the overall state of the world.
I thank him for everything in my life, (good and not so good). I tell him of the love I have for Him, how much I appreciate Him, and how thankful I am for his grace.
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Ah, Prayer! It is a constant source of help and comfort. I pray about and for everything in my life and others. I pray for lost things, you would think I was David Copperfield, people find stuff as a result, and they think I am magic,LOL people do not realize that God wants to be a part of your whole life, and He cares about the little things too. I thank Him for everything. God has a whole personality, and He is Fun and Funny. When I turn things over to Him, things get resolved. I love God! He is everywhere. Prayer is talking to my best Friend!
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A prayer is a conversation with your Higher Power, or whatever name the person praying gives it.  It's talking but not listening.  It can be requests or thanks and praise, or thoughts.  It's connecting with the Source of all life, but it isn't meditation where we simply are quite and listen while we connect. 
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A spoken or unspoken address to God, a deity, or a saint. It may express praise, thanksgiving, confession, or a request for something such as help or somebody's well-being.
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I'm not the most religious person, but I do believe..

When I'm feeling lost or frightened. I pray..and it always helps

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