How Compatible Are A Gemini Man And A Leo Woman?


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I'm a Gemini man, and - oh boy - is the Zodiac right! I have been with a lot of different girls across the signs. I don't know what it is, but I really like Leos!

I am trying to see this Leo girl who is a bit younger than me. Gemini men, try and find a Leo women!

Gemini man Leo woman marriage
  • The communication is top-notch, the best out of any sign. Leo will bend a bit to allow their Gemini man to take control of making decisions. I changed my mind ten times one day making plans with my Leo, she laughed and we agreed not to make plans. Just roll with the punches and it works out well.
  • I know the Leo woman finds the Gemini man like a circus: Fun, smart and sexy. Something about this Leo girl drives me crazy too. Leo girls rock!
  • The only reason we are not together yet is because both of us have had difficult past relationships, so we're taking this one slow. We even understand each other sometimes without saying more than a few words.
I cannot wait to make dates with this Leo, she is: Kind hearted, smart, pretty and sexy. I have a Leo sister who helps me with girl advice - the ace in my pocket. In short, a Leo girl and a Gemini man are in my opinion the best match in the Zodiac.
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My boyfriend is a Gemini and I am a Leo. We get along extremely well, and can talk for hours. We've never had an argument, at least not one that we couldn't get over. After a few months though he was afraid of really settling down and committing to our relationship. We broke up, but got back together after a summer of breaking up and getting back together.

Apparently, he felt like he wasn't ready for me yet, that I was too mature and too good for him (at least at this point in his life). But we are back together and are trying to work things out. He is extremely flirtatious! And it's difficult to get his attention sometimes.

Unfortunately, I wish he paid more attention to me but when he does, he is very sweet about it. That's really been my only problem. I can tell he cares for me, he's just very into his social life outside our relationship, which is something I'm trying to adjust to. He doesn't like to feel "tied down," so trying to prove that I'm not trying to tie him down, does get tiring. But he's worth it. Oh, and the sex is great, by the way.
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Hi, ok you know how you said that your boyfriend broke up with you because he felt like you were too good for him? Well, I'm a leo, and my gemini boyfriend just did the exact same thing to me. Is it because he is afraid to commit? What do i do? What did you do?
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As a Leo woman, it has taken me several years to realize that the Gemini men in my life have all been chronic liars. They have two sides, one that says all the right things, then the other side that is off somewhere else, not caring about you in the least. 

While I understand and recognize that this is not the case with all Leo/Gemini relationships, I have had too many bad Gemini males in my life to ever want any more! 

Optimistic Leo beware!
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Gemini is air, and Leo is fire. These two signs are supposed to be very compatible. There may be some kind of head-butting though since Gemini men don't back down in a fight and Leo women are headstrong and independent. Give each other space when needed!
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A male Gemini and a female Leo would and can definitely make a prefect pair. Gemini being an air sign is symbolized by a twin and Leo being a fixed fire sign, is the king of the jungle, these two signs are a prefect combination - as long as Gemini does not boss over the Leo, everything will turn out to be magical.
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I'm a Leo and my boyfriend is a Gemini. We get along too well and sometimes are very possessive. We have a very different kind of relationship. He satisfies me and all my desires. We are soul mates.

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