How To Make Up With A Gemini Man, When He Broke Up With Me?


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Maud La Roux answered
Give it time, and hopefully the Gemini should come running back to you!

Gemini men don't tend to get hung up on things for a long time, so after a while he may be willing to accept you back into his life.

The best way to make up with him would be to show him your adventurous side!

Geminis love adventure, variety and change - so do something completely out of your normal comfort zone. If he finds you fascinating, then he will be sure to want you back.

Geminis like to feel wanted. So call him up and explain how much he means to you.

They love conversation, too - as they are naturally sociable creatures, so be sure to strike up some interesting conversation!

How to make up with a Gemini man...
  • Geminis, depicted by the twins, are born between May 22 and June 21.
  • They are usually very versatile, adaptable, chatty, and ever so witty. This makes them great in a social context. People tend to love hanging out with them.
  • They are clever people who are eloquent whilst also being youthful and full of energy.
  • On the downside, they can be up-tight and tense.
  • Their inconsistency and superficial natures can also rub people up the wrong way.
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rebecca simmons answered
Geminis forgive and forget easily! The best thing to do is to let him think things over for a while and then try to make contact!

The more you try contact him or talk to him, the bigger his ego will get!

When you do get to talking, bear in mind that Geminis have major mood swings and are moody one minute and happy the next! So try to make him smile or laugh!

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