Where Is Islam Found?


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Islam as a religion started in Arabia under the guidance of Muhammad in the seventh century. Muhammad performed the unification of several tribes of Arabia as per Islamic law and guidelines. However, following Muhammad's death in 632, there arose a period of uncertainty as to who would be the successor to Muhammad as the leader of the Muslim community. Abu Bakr arose as the leader after much conflict, and was made the first caliph of the Islamic community.

Today Islam ranks secondly in the world, in terms of a religion having the most followers (approximately 1.4 billion followers), coming after the religion of Christianity. Its adherents are called as Muslims, and they believe in Muhammad as the God's final prophet and the Quran as their holy book.

As of today, Muslims are found all over the world, the prominence of Islam being noted in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait etc.
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Islam as a religion has somewhere between nine hundred million to a billion and a half followers. It originated in the Middle East but is found the world over. Countries where considerable populations of Muslims are found include all of the Middle East (Even Israel has a Muslim minority), North Africa, South East Asia, Albania, Russia, Bosnia, France and Indonesia. Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims residing within one nation. Even Russia has a minority Muslim population, along with China.

Most of the Central Asian counties of the CIS have a majority of their populations following Islam. Even Canada and the United States have small minorities of Muslims residing within them. It is the fastest growing religion in the world. In Asia almost every country has a number of Muslims forming a minority.
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Islam originated in Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia over 1400 years ago with the Prophethood of Mohammed (PBUH). Today, however, Islam is found throughout the world and is continually garnering interest through it's wisdom and teachings.
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Islam is found worldwide.
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I think Islam was founded when Almighty Allah created the souls of all those people that are bound to be born from the very beginning of history till the day of judgement.
Then Almighty ALLAH asked all of them.
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islam is every where , this site shows the Muslims population by countries
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In the hearts of many, but in the heads of none, all over the world.
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Islam is found within yourself, you breath it, dream it, live it. If it is not in your heart mind and soul then you are lost. Ask allah for guidence pray 5 x daily give to charity, share be happy be kind and you will be.

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