Could Someone Tell Me My Fortune,or Do A Card Reading For Me?


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I want to know about my future
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I know that God has a plan for you. A good plan for He is a good God. He said, "I know the plans I have for you to good to you to give you hope and a future" Try asking Him what is in your future. Its very hard to hear him though. You must be very quiet as He talks in a still quiet voice. Get someplace quite, by yourself. Talk to Him. You can tell Him anything and He will listen and He will never tell anyone. He will help you if you ask Him to. He will not go where He is not invited and He will not make any one do anything. It is up to us to choose of our own freewill to walk with Him. And little by little He will help us change.He loves you and is waiting to hear from you.
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Reed my cards
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Yes we could do that but you have to tell your details. Otherwise there are various sites which could help you out with that. Click here to see one such link:
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K I can tell you my fortune just ask me I can predict you future just ask me now. :) <3

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I don't need to know a single thing about you and I can answer your question. NO!! I could know everything about you and still not be able to tell you your future. I do know one thing about you now, though. It has to do with why you asked that question!! But anyway, if you want to spend (waste, actually) 75 or 100 bucks or whatever they charge for some charlatan to read your palm or give you a tarot reading or read the tea leaves in your cup, you go ahead. By simple power of suggestion they or anybody for that matter can easily manipulate your thoughts. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN FUTURE AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. You have a free will. You make decisions, like everybody else - including 'psychics' - based on your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, likes, dislikes, and so on. You are in control of your own future, for the most part, not anyone else unless you deliberately give them that power. You want to be a millionaire? Well, go make it happen because it's something you tell yourself you want not because you paid someone to turn over a card and tell you that you will be one or not. Our actions and words are manipulated normally by interaction with others, anyway. I could be trying to do that with you right now! But I'm not. I'm just answering your question as truthfully as I can. You take the information and act according to your own choice. Good luck.
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I see a wedding in your near future. It will take a while for him to tell you, but your soon to be husband cheated on you before the wedding. It was a last fling, and someone who he was unemotional about. The reason he will tell you is that this lady of the evening (yes he paid her) gave him VD
A Seer (seers are mentioned in the bible)
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The only way to solve your problem is to take it head on and see what hapens
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No one can see the future and tell peoples fortunes. That's a lot of stupid hocus pocus.
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Hello.I have been recently seeing someone. We have different styles of dating and I am having a problem with his style. I am unsure what he is looking for in me or how he sees me in his life. I orginally turned him down a few times because of his style. He doesnt give me any information about us and I find no signs that he cares other than a casual friend with benifits,though he says thats not what he is looking for.His actions and words say different?
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My ex and I broke up about  2 months ago. HIS BIRTHDAY IS 04/23/67 and mine is 06/05/75.
What I would like to know if we will get back together?
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All the Medicine men say "I have the Powers!" So I already know things already know a little about you AND the PAIN in your LONELY Heart, that troubles you all the time!
Get my email and send a photo of you! The more natural the better!
And I'm glad you've changed your mind about what you once were thinking!
I don't tell fortunes as you know them!

And that is from JUST READING your words!
OH! I've NEVER been wrong!

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