In Hinduism What Happens When You Die?


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Hindus believe that the soul returns to live another cycle of life. They believe that in this cycle you start of as a flower then into an insect, later on you will become a homeless person, An average person, a priest, they you will become a much more important person and lastly of the stage you will with the gods. It is said that if you commit a bad deed and don’t follow the rules you will go down a stage and keep going down until you get it right.
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Hindus believes that the soul doesn't perish. The dead body only perish. They believe that when one dies his soul will reach heaven via moon (sorting of persons qualifying for heaven and hell are done at the moon)  and sun (where the soul was undergone purification) and  finally reach at the kingdom of heaven and become stars. They are said to be the Devas. The persons committed sins will go to hell. They will be tortured in various ways and finally they will be given re-birth.  The people who did evil will get re-birth as ugly creatures. The people who did comparatively good things will be born again as human beings.  The people done good things only go to heaven. Again the life cycle continues and at last reach heaven when he do good things. They believes that it can be possible to lift the soul of the ancestors from earth to moon , sun and ultimately to heaven by performing rituals performed by successors. Two things are necessary to reach one's soul to heaven.  One way is by doing good when they lives and another way is that after their death their successors should lead a good life and perform rituals regularly for their ancestors.

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