What Does A Dream About A Dead Body Mean?


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There are many different ways of interpreting your dream about death. Everybody has dreams like this from time to time, and they're not usually pleasant.

Possible Interpretations Of A Dream About Death
  • If you ever experience your own death in a dream, this is thought to symbolize feelings of being trapped, or having to overcome certain obstacles in your life. It can also be interpreted as you facing daunting possibilities.
  • A dream of death may also symbolize the fears and anxieties you have towards something. In order to find out what, think about what was happening in your dream around the time of your death. For example, if you had a dream that you died in math class, this might suggest that you're afraid of failing an upcoming test.
  • The most simple (and probably most likely) explanation of dreaming about death is that you're scared of losing the person who dies. This is why we occasionally have nightmares about family and loved ones dying: Even if you don't spend time worrying about it, this is still something that most people fear, and occasionally this manifests itself in our dreams.
When you wake up, try noting down everything you can remember from that dream, including the events, people, locations, etc. The sooner you write it down, the less you'll forget, so this should help you to understand your dreams a bit better!

You could also make a list of recent events in your life that are related to death or any TV shows or movies you've recently watched that contained scenes of death in them. You may simply be dreaming about a dead body because you recently watched a movie or TV show that contained one!
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I dreamed a dead body inside a box in an empty room and there was a very bad smell.
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Each dream has its own meaning. According to Hindu belief if you dream this type dream, some good is going to happen.
Typically a dream must be taken out of context and not verbatim. Meaning, for example dreaming of a death could mean a new beginning.  You see typically our dreams are the opposite of what we believe them to be. So, no worries, okay?

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