What Methods Of Contraception Are Okay In Hinduism Or Sikhism?


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Both faiths are similar (and in contrast to monotheistic faiths like Christianity or Islam) in not having express prohibitions or traditions against the idea of family planning. Sikhs traditionally more likely to have large families, as some Hindu texts expressly argue the advantages of smaller families. But most methods of contraception are okay for both faiths.

Hindus often believe that they must produce a son, as only sons can perform the funeral rites that enable a man's soul to go to heaven (else the soul goes to Hell). In some families contraception may not be practiced until the birth of oneor more sons. Sikhs have a similar gender preference, related more to laws of inheritance and passing down the family name than to a specific religious motivation.

Abortion in Sikhism and (generally) in Hinduism is only allowed in very rare cases, such as rape or to save the mother's life.

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