Do Night Driving Glasses Exist?


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For a lot of people night driving is more demanding, and can be more stressful than driving in the daytime. Eyesight should be checked yearly, this will help identify common eyesight problems. Glasses can be bought, and are seen widely advertised for night driving, usually with tinted amber lenses designed to overcome oncoming headlight glare, but there is no real evidence that these special lenses actually improve vision whilst driving. Tinted lenses in fact reduce the amount of light to the eye, and so to the brain.

According to ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents) claims that these glasses aid in night driving and fog are inaccurate and misleading. The only time tinted lenses should be used is if they are prescribed by an optician or ophthalmologist. Tinted lenses and windscreens may in fact worsen night vision, and the Highway Code warns drivers against using any form of tint at night.
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Celia,re: blurto,s answer,good answer but ,I have tried these amber glasses& they help.-maybe it,s Just me.
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Thanks for the details,i was searching on internet for the details. It feels that there is no good lenses available for night driving
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Night race car drivers think so see

these glasses have a -.25 Lens. So if you need corrective lenses they will not work for you.

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